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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

from the development-is-ongoing-i-promise department

I've been setting up the development environment for the Information Currency Exchange Server and getting ready to start work on the Information Currency Analysis Server. My hope is that I will have a demonstration system for the creation, exchange, and analysis of information currency from YouTube videos by mid-December. There's nothing like a timetable to focus the mind!

Creation and simulation of a financial market (in this case, for information currency) requires multiple participants. For now, there's only one developer (little old me, in other words) on the information currency project, so I am using the Cougaar Agent Architecture to create multiple clients that are first generating IC with the IC issuance server and then sending IC exchange messages to the IC exchange server.

The Information Currency Exchange Server will be ActiveMQ-specific, with a custom interceptor written to process IC exchange messages. The ActiveMQ project is part of a very impressive group of projects, with very productive contributors - Hiram Chirino was nice enough to quickly answer a newbie question asked on the activemq-dev list. The exchange server will also have a web interface to display the market conditions, and the Information Currency Analysis Server will draw information from the exchange server, as well as the issuance server, as well as user-generated content (think every ICAS a wiki-powered financial analyst - but perhaps not by mid-December!).

The first part of the Directions to Freedom podcast series (not that I would give my efforts a pretentious title, or anything ;) has been released on my other blog.

Make sure to look at Marianne Richmond's interesting marketing blogs:
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