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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Present Directions for Information Currency Development

Today was a day of evaluating options for information currency development.

For the ICWS information currency issuance server, several enhancements are appropriate or necessary:

  • WS-Notification should be used to publish notifications of newly issued series and newly invalidated information currency units. Apache Pubscribe will likely be used for this purpose.
  • WS-ReliableMessaging (likely the Apache Sandesha implementation) should be used for ensuring that the messages transferring information currency are not lost.

For the information currency trading system, the trading server will be implemented using the Jetty servlet container, Axis for SOAP web services, and WS-Notification for distribution of trading messages. Use of SOAP web services may not be optimal for performance, but the consistent use of standards should enable information currency to be more readily utilized in future systems (particularly for grid computing systems).

The information currency trading client will be implemented as an Eclipse plugin, to take advantage of the Eclipse infrastructure and ecosystem, and to place initial applications of information currency trading squarely within the software development community. The use of Java for the ICTP client implementation will enable the use of Java web services components for the necessary client operations.


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